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Scientific Name: Cilus gilberti
Common Name: Corbina, Corvina, Croaker, Crocus, Grumbler, Hardheads, King Billy, Nibe, Pinheads, Roncadina
Flavor: Mild
Texture: Medium

Product Profile: Corvina is a name for more than 200 fish. These fish are part of the Croaker or Drum family. The Corvina that we see here at Supreme Lobster, are usually coming out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Product Forms: Fresh: Gutted (head-on or off), Fillets (skinless or skin-on) Frozen: H&G, Fillets (skinless)
Global Supply: US Atlantic, South America

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Corvina which is also known as the corvina drum or cilus gilberti, is a saltwater fish. The body is of a blue-grey color to the top, silvery overall with small scales. It is very long and somewhat compressed in shape. It has a large mouth and a dorsal fin that is deeply notched between spiny and soft parts. It is approximately 75 cm or 30 inches long. It originates from the Sciaenidae family. It is usually located in the tropical to temperate coastal waters of the southeastern Pacific along Central and South America. The corvina is a prominent fish in South America in Peru, Panama and Chile. The corvine has a white and flakey texture. The corvina has firm, large flaked flesh which is pinkish when raw but is white when cooked. When cooked, it has a mild sweet taste.

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