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King Klip

King Klip


Scientific Name: Genypterus spp.
Common Name: Black, golden or red kingklip; South African kingklip; Chilean ling; ling; cusk-eel; congrio
Flavor: Mild/Moderate
Texture: Medium/Firm

Product Profile: Red is considered best of the kingklips for flavor and texture. Raw meat of red and golden kingklip is creamy white, sometimes with a yellowish tinge. It cooks up white. Black kingklip has darker meat that also cooks up darker. Black kingklip fillets are also narrower than red and golden fillets.The flavor is mild and slightly sweet. The texture is dense but tender with a good, large flake. Black kingklip is not as tender as the other two.

Product Forms: Fresh: Fillets (skinless/boneless) Frozen: Whole, Fillets (IQF), Interleaved blocks
Substitutions: Cod, Ocean perch, Orange roughy
Global Supply: Argentina, Australia, Chile , New Zealand, South Africa

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The slender kingklip, a member of the cusk eel family, comprises four species: red (G. chilensis), golden (G. blacodes), South African (G. capensis) and black (G. maculatus). Depending on the species, kingklip can reach 5 to 6 feet long and 50 pounds, but most found on the market average 10 pounds. Kingklip are found in waters as deep as 250 fathoms off South Africa, New Zealand and Australia as well as off the coasts of Argentina and Chile. They are caught mostly by trawlers, often as a bycatch, and by hook and line. In Europe, kingklip is marketed as cusk eel. In New Zealand it is called ling, and in South America, congrio (cusk eel). Golden, red and black kingklip are marketed internationally, but the U.S. market prefers golden and red.

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