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Lane Snapper

Lane Snapper


Scientific Name: Lutjanus synagris
Common Name: Candy Snapper
Flavor: Mild
Texture: Firm

Product Profile: Similar to its snapper relatives, lane snapper, also called “candy snapper”, is found from the Carolinas to southeastern Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, and Caribbean Sea. It is a silvery pink to reddish color on its back and along its sides, with a series of slender horizontal yellow lines extending from the face to the base of the tail fin. Other distinguishing characteristics include a rounded anal fin and a diffuse black spot on the side below the dorsal fin touching the lateral line.

Product Forms: Fresh: H&G, Fillets, Loins Frozen: Fillets (skin-on, vac-packed)
Substitutions: n/a
Global Supply: Brazil, USA, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico

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Lane snapper occurs in a variety of habitats including coral reefs and vegetated sandy areas in shallow inshore waters, but has also been reported in deeper offshore waters. Juveniles are most often found in shallow inshore protected areas such as seagrass beds and shallow reefs. As an adult, lane snapper forms large aggregations, especially during the spawning season in the spring and summer months. Spawning peaks differ depending on location.

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