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Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail Snapper


Scientific Name: Ocyurus chrysurus
Common Name: Yellowfin Snapper, Palu-i’usama
Flavor: Light
Texture: Firm

Product Profile: Yellowtail snapper is found from Massachusetts to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico. This fish is easy to recognize because it has a distinctive yellow band that starts at the snout, getting wider as it extends to the forked tail. The entire tail fin becomes yellow starting at the base near the body of the fish. This snapper is a bluish olive color on its sides with yellow spots above the yellow lateral band.

Product Forms: Fresh: H&G, Fillets, Loins Frozen: Fillets (skin-on, vac-packed)
Substitutions: n/a
Global Supply: Brazil, USA, Gulf of Mexico

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Despite its wide range, yellowtail snapper is most abundant in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean. Spawning aggregations form offshore throughout the year in south Florida and the Caribbean, with peak spawning occurring generally when the water is warmest in a given location. Eggs and larvae are pelagic until they settle out on suitable habitat; juveniles are most often found in seagrass beds. Adults are found in coastal waters near reefs, usually well above the bottom, forming small schools.

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